Best Greetings from Fatih University

April 17th, 2012

Best Greetings from Fatih University

Best Greetings from Fatih University

Best Greetings from Fatih University

Firstly, We would like to express our gratitude for Epoka University. We are now studing at one of the biggest universities in Turkey through the exchange program provided by Epoka University.

We made a lot of friends from various countries. We have a very big campus in which anything you need is available from gym to stationery from cafeterias to delicatessen. Needless to talk about the quality of the professors we have lectures with.

Apart from the university,we are living in the best of city of Turkey, Istanbul.The Bosphorus, historical places, shopping centers, shortly anything you want. We strongly urge you all to participate these exhange programs provided by Epoka University because the experiences will be priceless and unforgettable.

Murat Kodaz & Kamil Arlı

"Epoka, an International University"


My name is Huseyin Varol. I came from Firat University, Turkey, with an Exchange Program and am now studying Computer Engineering here at Epoka University.

It’s my first experience abroad, so when I came here, I was worried. I asked to myself, “Why did I come here?” But then I met different people from many different countries. I met with Albanian, Kosovar, American, Azerbaijani, Macedonian and Russian students and staff.

This is surely one of the advantages of an international university! This is the Epoka University. It has very modern buildings and modern education standards. And I am sure that I am improving my English in the university because I have time to practice with my friends and I take courses from Indian, Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish instructors.

Definitely, it is a very nice experience and I am thankful for everything!


"Epoka Exchange Programs, feel a world full of the colors"

Hi, everybody

Firstly I would like to attribute my thankful words to our University, for giving us the opportunity to be part of a great experience. Apart the chance of studying at one of the biggest universities in Turkey, Exchange Program gave us the chance to feel a world full of the colors.

This opportunity takes place in the best city of the Turkey, Istanbul. Participating in the weekend’s programs you truly explore the city, touch the history, and feel the mentality expand your point of view. This experience provides a browser, intercommunication, intercultural exchanges, new languages, new friends that even in your exaggerated dreams you wouldn’t think to meet them as persons and imagine having friends from all the continents, and the best of all it teaches to you the way to accept people as they are with no need to change anything. 

It is a GOLDEN CHANCE don’t throw it away, believe me I would be extremely HAPPY  to have one more time the opportunity to live the same emotions, even for seconds. You will have the best memories ever from university life.


Akida Mulgeci


Rruga Tirane-Rinas, Km 12, Universiteti Epoka