Assist. Prof. Dr. Bekir Ēınar participates at Second International Scientific Conference

March 21st, 2013

Assist. Prof. Dr. Bekir Çınar, Director of European Studies Centre at Epoka University participated at Second International Scientific Conference titled “The State, Society and Law: Human Right’s Challenges in Albania”, which was organized by Faculty of Political Sciences and Law “Aleksander Moisiu” University, Durrës in corporation with Faculty of Law, “Luarasi” University on 15-16 March, Durrës and Tirana.

Participating at this Conference, Assist Prof. Dr. Bekir Çınar and coauthor of the paper and PhD candidate İsa Erbas presented a paper titled “Political Participation of Albanian: The View of the University Students”. Assist. Prof. Dr. Bekir Çınar highlighted the importance of political participation which is one of the essential features of democratic developments. According to him there are various types of election systems in the usages of many countries. “It seems that, election systems do not make voters cast their votes on the day of election, if those people are not interested in politics. It is also well known that majority of people are not much interested in politics. It is very important in daily lives of public that whether young people participate in politics more than old people or not. Albania is considered a country that has a type of democratic transition which needs to have political participation and interest of its youth in order to establish a solid and strong democratic tradition in the country”, Assist. Prof. Dr. Bekir Çınar said.

Further, the paper examines opinion of the university and final year colleges’ students on political participation and interest in politics in Albania. The results are important and demonstrate that the university students are keen on politics. This is very important for the future of Albanian democracy. The results have been compared with other countries in order to understand the phenomenon of political interest of the target group. Further, the democratic transition and evolving tradition of Albanian politics are encouraging. Therefore, this paper concludes that Albania may have a better future, if the students involved in politics and political activities more and see youth in the political parties and in the parliament.

The presentation was welcomed by other participants and very well debated. After the presentation of the paper, a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ had given to Asst. Prof. Dr. Bekir Cinar and İsa Erbas by the organizer.


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