Apply Now: Master Level Double Degree with HMBS, in Germany

February 9th, 2018

Apply Now: Master Level Double Degree with HMBS, in Germany

Apply Now: Master Level Double Degree with HMBS, in Germany

Epoka University (Epoka) in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences (HMBS) in Mainz, Germany, based on their cooperation agreement offer the opportunity to apply for a Master Level Double Degree “MA in International Business” in which Epoka students of the first year of the programmes:

- Master of Science in Banking and Finance

- Master of Science in Business Administration

- Master of Science in Economics

- Professional Master in Business Administration

- Professional Master in Banking and Finance

will be able to spend their second year at HMBS with the goal of completing both the Master degree of the respective Epoka programme and the degree of a Master of Arts in International Business (MA.IB) at HMBS.

The year spent at HMBS is financially supported by ERASMUS+. The students will receive travel costs equal to a max. 275 Euros and subsistence cost equal to 750 Euros per month.


Eligibility Criteria

Students of the above listed programs are eligible for the double degree programme if:

- they successfully completed a Bachelor study programme with a minimum of 180 ECTS credits in

o Business Administration or Banking and Finance

o Economics or Business Informatics under the condition that they passed the electives

1 “Fundamentals of Corporate Finance” or “Financial Management”

2 “Management of Financial Institutions” or “Banking Operations and Institutions”

3 “Financial Accounting I”

4 “Financial Accounting II”;

5 “Marketing I” or “Branding and Brand Management”

6 “Operations Management” or “Operations Research”;

7 “Cost Accounting” or “Managerial Accounting”,

- they prove their proficiency in English at the levels TOEFL ibT 92 or IELTS 6.5 with a certificate issued by an

international test institution,

- they prove their proficiency in their native language by presenting their high school certificate,

- they prove their proficiency of a third language at the European framework level B2; alternatively, they prove

their knowledge of German at the European framework level B1 – in this case, they are required to reach the level B2 prior to graduation.                                         


Application documents:

1.     Bachelor Diploma and Transcript

2.     Language Proficiency Proof (refer to the criteria above)

3.     Transcript of the first semester in their respective Master programme

4.     Letter of motivation

5.     CV

Application deadlines: February 28, 2018

The documents have to submitted to the International Relations Office, 1st Floor, Rectorate Area, E-building

The candidates whom fulfill the eligibility requirements will be invited to a interview in the first week of March, 2018 (Exact date and time to be announced later)


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