Andreas Ruby: USE ME! Architecture as the Art of Appropriation

February 25th, 2014

Andreas Ruby: USE ME! Architecture as the Art of Appropriation

Andreas Ruby: USE ME! Architecture as the Art of Appropriation

Andreas Ruby  a very well-know publicist, critic and curator in the fields of architecture, design and the visual arts, gave a lecture themed "USE ME! Architecture as the Art of Appropriation" to the architecture students of EPOKA University, on the first day of the Spring Term. He was invited to visit the new building of EPOKA Social Center & Architecture Department and was fascinated by the space quality, 'openness of building' and the honesty in the use of material, as well as the status of being partially "under construction". This triggered the idea of the lecture theme. Thus, the venue of the event was the "unfinished conference hall" in EPOKA Social Center and Architecture Department, which was spontaneously adapted and appropriated for this event.

The lecture focused on and emphasized the fact that Architecture is never complete; the users, in time and history, could & should Trans-Form it accordingly. Architecture is the art of appropriation. In addition, Ruby elaborated on the Strategies of Appropriation, such as “Take over", "Re-purposing", "Re-scripting", “superimposing", etc.

On behalf of Ruby Press, Andreas donated 10 very recent books of Architecture, such as: The City as a Project, Pier Vittorio Aureli (Ed.), 201; Cidade de Deus – City of God,Working with Informalized Mass Housing in Brazil, Marc Angélil & Rainer Hehl, in collaboration with Something Fantastic (Eds.), 2013, or Reasons for Walling a House, 51N4E (Ed.), 2012, prizewinner of DAM Architectural Book Award, etc. to the Library of EPOKA University.

Andreas Ruby has been visiting Albania several times in the last years, invited as jury member is several International Competitions on Architecture/Planning, including Vlora Waterfront Competition that took place on February 21st, 2014. Ruby is also initiator and consultant to the government and National Agency of Territorial Planning [AKPT] on the AA-Atelier Albania platform.


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