"Ambiguous Challenges": Lecture by doc. Michal Kohout - CTU Prague

May 4th, 2016

"Ambiguous Challenges": Lecture by doc. Michal Kohout - CTU Prague

From Adolf Loos to Jan Kaplický, Czech architects have played a seminal role in architectural evolution in Central Europe. Is that still relevant in the 21st Century, when Czech architecture is being reborn like the mythical Fenix from the ashes of socialist inertial and post-socialist frenzy? Doc. Michal Kohout spoke about these challenges in a situation of a country with a fascinating architectural and planning past, but also serious structural discontinuities in the second half of the XX. Century. By presenting his recent design and research works, Prof. Kohout demonstrated the particular role of an architect as a moderator of these processes which can lead to healing historical traumas.  
Michal Kohout, 1964*Architect, teacher, and theorist, he is Head of the Building Theory Institute at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University, Prague; he is also is in charge of a course on housing and a design course at the same school. He has designed and co-designed dozens of projects, more than 30 of which were built and some received numerous Czech national as well as international awards and were presented at exhibitions of Czech and international architecture. He is registered with the Czech Chamber of Architects, is a co-founder of the UNIT architekti studio, the Centre for Housing Quality research organization, and Zlatý řez publishers (since 1992), where he is a co-editor of a magazine of the same name. As a writer and editor, he has published a number of books and articles on modern Czech architecture – Bohemia: Modern Architecture (2014), Moravia and Silezia: 20th Century Architecture (2005), Prague: 20th Century Architecture (1996), and housing and the theory of the built environment Housing Estates, what next? (2016), Collective Housing: A Spatial Typology (2015), My House, Our Street: Coordinated Development of Individual Housing (2014). He is the head of many research projects and an expert on public and professional housing policy.


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