Alumni testimonial: Emiljano Hysa

May 2nd, 2017

Alumni testimonial: Emiljano Hysa

Alumni testimonial: Emiljano Hysa

My name is Emiljano Hysa and I am one of the graduates of Epoka University in the bachelor program of Banking & Finance. Recently, I have started my master studies in Czech Republic at Charles University in the program of Economics & Finance. By the time I was completing my bachelor studies, I considered to apply in many universities abroad, including Charles University where I am currently studying. Considering the fact that almost all of the European universities application period is from January to May, I have been acting fast to submit my applications. For Charles University, all of the requirements including application deadlines and scholarship opportunities are published to its website under each program’s section. For the scholarship application there are certain conditions to be satisfied and it is needed to submit a separate application after being accepted by the university. The master in Economics and Finance that I am currently studying is very quantitatively oriented and requires high mathematical skills, but with the experience and preparation gained at Epoka University it is totally doable.  Moreover, the program is constructed upon core and elective courses, which offer the possibility to specialize in the subjects that you are more into it. In general it is a very tough program, but the preparation and the experience that you gain worth it. University is located in the capital city of Czech Republic, in Prague, which is one of the most beautiful, historical and well organized cities in Europe. Prague holds a piece of history in every corner and it is often considered as the princess of Europe. Cost of living here are lower than in many other countries of Europe and the rents are affordable, even though the university offers accommodation for the students wanting to live in dorms. It is a perfect place to study and to live for those who find themselves suitable for the study programs and for those who appreciate the quality and the deserved reputation of Charles University.


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