Alumni Testimonial: Aleksander Kote, Civil Engineering Graduate

November 21st, 2017

Alumni Testimonial: Aleksander Kote, Civil Engineering Graduate

Alumni Testimonial: Aleksander Kote, Civil Engineering Graduate

Hello everyone,
My name is Aleksander Kote and I am graduated student from Epoka University. I am currently studying for a Master Degree in Civil Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm, Sweden.
As I have spent almost three years doing my Bachelor Degree at Epoka University, I want to share some of my previous experience there, but I will also tell you something about my new university and place of living.
Studying at Epoka University gave me a valuable preparation for my next education and my future career. It has a well-prepared academic staff, an organized administrative crew and really nice conditions, which make every day easier and more efficient. That university creates many possibilities to broaden your technical and social knowledge by organizing many visits in Albanian and international companies, different open forums with guests from all the professional fields and an annual career fair, which provide everyone a lot of contacts to use for any optional summer internship or a job. These activities are mostly organized by each department in collaboration with the Dean of Students and the Career Planning and Alumni Office, which themselves create possibilities for an internship inside the institution. Actually, there are more organizations like the Student Clubs that enrich this experience by offering the students many social trips, sport and cultural activities and many other surprises that every student should get in touch with depending on their interests. Last but not less important, Epoka University collaborates with other international universities and creates the possibility to participate in an exchange program and study abroad for a semester or one year. I have actually taken part in an exchange program in Istanbul, where I studied for a semester at Istanbul Technical University.
All the aforementioned information was part of my experience at Epoka University as I was part of student clubs and even president at the “Future Engineers Club”. I had the possibility to experience internships in construction companies like “Salillari L.t.d” and “Geci L.t.d” and in Epoka University at the “Career Planning and Alumni Office”. Participating in different open forums and cultural activities organized by that university decorated that part of my life. All these details, together with the suitable curriculum and educational program the university includes, made me be prepared for the study period during my Bachelor Degree in one of the best universities in Turkey and for the Master Degree I am studying in one of the best and most reputational universities in Europe and worldwide.
Now, I will add some words about my actual life and education in Stockholm while studying at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Except the fact that the Master Degree is more difficult than the Bachelor Degree and needs more effort to succeed, everything else is perfect. The educational system and social life is very developed, so they easily make you feel very comfortable while staying here and prepares you for any future professional or academic experience.
Ah, something more. As maybe everyone knows, Stockholm is too cold and expensive so if you are thinking of coming here just get prepared.
Anyway, I hope this shared experience helps anyone who is studying or wants to study at Epoka University and anyone who seeks to study a Master Degree in Stockholm or anywhere abroad. Anyone who has questions about anything related to a student at Epoka University, anything related to different applications at international universities and studying abroad are pleased to ask.


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