Alerta Brruli became Epoka’s leader for one day

April 4th, 2015

Alerta Brruli became Epoka’s leader for one day

Alerta Brruli became Epoka’s leader for one day

Epoka University was delighted to be part of “Leaders for a Day”, the initiative of Junior Achievement Albania that provides young people with the opportunity to learn from a high level executive by shadowing him/her for one day. The program’s goal is to enable young talented high school students to make better informed career choices, enlarge their network and improve their career opportunities. ‘Leader for one day’ 2015 has engaged 40 hosting institutions and it was organized on April 2nd.
As part of the initiative, Ms. Alerta Brruli from 28 Nentori High School in Shkodra spent a day with Mr. Ismail Asan, Secretary General of Epoka University, in order to cover a range of tasks from those undertaken daily to the visionary ones. Alerta did cover the overall briefing of the University, shadowed Mr. Asan in internal meetings, and took over a mini task for the day. Furthermore she enquired on processes, what actors and factors are considered, as well as how decisions are taken and what works best at the University management level. A revelation to her was the dual management equilibrium between administration and academia that is singular at the University education industry.
Alerta shared her one day remarks with us, quoting that this has been an impressive experience that will remain long in her memory. Mr. Asan was pleased to reconfirm through this experience that Albanian youth are bright and ready to excel the country development. The day ended with a ceremony organized by Junior Achievement of Albania with the hosting managers and the students who led for one day.


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