Ajmona and Klodiana, Two Architects of Success

November 26th, 2011


Two architecture students from Epoka University, Ajmona Hoxha and Klodiana Millona, are participating in the new TV show “Nga e Para”, expertly directed by Valbona Selimllari. In a team of seven, these two third-year students add color and efficiency to the program. 

The show consists of the identification of several houses or apartments which after the redesigning are totally changed, surprising the viewers and especially the direct beneficiaries, the residents of these apartments. 

To add creative decoration and color, specialist Ajmona Hoxha plays a major role. She is responsible for the selection of colors and design for each home by addressing household characteristics and the tastes of family members. Ajmona is an expert in selecting the decoration to be creative, in line with the tastes of the residents, and harmonious with furnishing and lighting. 

Operational specialist Klodiana Millona is also very important for the show.  She specializes in furnishing the apartments in the most efficient way and in accordance with the needs of people who will live in them. Klodiana tries to use furniture that has multiple uses and is in synch with the design and the lighting environment. 

"It is very special experience, as well as intensive," confesses Ajmona. "What makes it so unique is that we get so much field work. We are open to challenging and changing construction design, masonry, furniture dimensions, areas of transition, electrical and plumbing works, insulation, clothes, painting and every possible technical detail ... all this in just 4 days,” she continues. 

For Klodiana it is inspiring because "every home is facing difficulties and we should bring precise and urgent solutions." But what is the most essential thing that the two bright students of Epoka University have learned from this experience?

"The first but even the last important thing after these experiences is to make the difference between the architect who designs in the office and the one that designs on the ground." 

With their well-recorded experience, determination and passion these new architects show great promise of continued success.

To see some photos from their experience at "Nga e Para", click here.


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