A unique asset in wood and string

November 22nd, 2014

A unique asset in wood and string

A unique asset in wood and string

In the framework of the 102th anniversary of Albanian independence, “Ismail Qemali” high school in collaboration with ARKIspace student’s club from Epoka University realized a special exhibition. Enthusiastic on the occasion and conscious of the real value good design brings the high school board was involved and decided to consult the design of the exhibition structure with Epoka University. The exhibition project objective was to depict the history of Albania starting with Ismail Qemali's efforts to establish an Albanian independent state and continuing up to nowadays. Further to that it aims to illustrate the richness of our national memory, strengthening the sense of belonging to the Albanian nation and  sharing a common destiny.
A workshop concluded the project by bringing together high school students, ARKIspace club members and Epoka University promotion office.
The ARKIspace team’s dedication to internal research on techniques combined with the high school’s curatorial interests drove to a well-thought exhibition structure, in respect to both practical and aesthetical features.
The fitting is a creative composition of wood and string, which has a three dimensional expansion over the school’s main lobby. It displays a series of  meaningful photographs, divided into three main groups in line Albanian history main periods. Those are Albania  before 1912, Albania in the dictatorship period and Albania in post communism transition. The exposition has now become a unique asset of the high school. The ARKIspace club is thankful for this remarkable collaboration opportunity experienced as a common medium of social interaction and team work.


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