A Special Guest at PIR Forum

April 25th, 2012

A Special Guest at PIR Forum

A Special Guest at PIR Forum

The weekly meeting of students and professors from Political Science and International Relations department of Epoka University that takes place at the library “E Për7shme”, this week welcomed the well known and respected Albanian Sociologist Prof. Dr. Zyhdi Dervishi.

Prof.Dr. Zyhdi Dervishi, a scholar of sociology and author of more than 15 original books, is the Head of the department of sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Tirana University.

Universities and their role in the Albanian society was the main topic of this week’s meeting. Prof. Dr. Dervishi made a résumé of the historical life of Albanian University by going back on the date of its establishment. According to Mr. Dervishi the foundation of Tirana University in Albania dates during 1946 on 20 December which is the date of the foundation of the Pedagogical Institute of Tirana. Furthermore Prof. Dr. Z. Dervishi emphasized that the existence of this Institution was of a great importance for the reality of that time, aiming to create qualified individuals in the areas of technology and Science which was necessary in the realization of major social and economic problems of Albanian Government after the WW II. In this context Mr. Dervishi stressed the indispensable role that Universities should have in a society in order for that to progress and prosper.

Educational System during the communist regime was another aspect of the discussion upon which Mr. Dervishi based his comments and critics. He stressed that Educational System during that period was expanded and further developed, but it remained within the frame of elite’s will. In other words were very dependent and censured by the government. In many cases for research purposes professors of different fields, studied the works of contemporary western sociologist most often through their translation in Russian language.

Concerning the collapse of the communist regime, Mr. Dervishi mentioned that it caused also the elimination of many official barriers for the free flow of sociological thought. It was followed with the establishment of the new Department of Philosophy and Sociology within the Tirana University in 1993-1994.

At the last section of the meeting Prof. Dr. Zyhdi Dervishi answered to the questions raised by students and also professors about the future of the Universities in Albania since their number is growing day by day. Mr. Dervishi stressed that the role of the universities should be focused in educating the future generations and in scientific research and not being a mean for profit.

In conclusion Prof. Dr. Zyhdi Dervishi emphasized the urgent reformation of the Educational System and especially the Universities in order to have a more qualified society for the future of Albania and the well-being of all the citizens. He stressed also the necessary need for the creation of orientation policies for students, to help them choose their best fields of study.

The series of this meeting concluded in a very friendly atmosphere, signing the way for the continuation of these important activities organized by the students and professors of Epoka University.

Genci Murja



Rruga Tirane-Rinas, Km 12, Universiteti Epoka