360-Degree Awareness

May 4th, 2016

360-Degree Awareness

360-Degree Awareness

Last Friday, April 29, Epoka University was pleased to welcome and support the next seminar dedicated to women, their values and contribution in the society. New Horizons Cultural Center, the initiator of a circle of activities within the last months, organized  this time the seminar “360-Degree Awareness” to share awareness and try to give strong messages about violence against women.
  After the successful events such as “Life Symphony”, Exhibition “Remember” and “I AM HOPE” initiative, a seminar, discussing about the reality in which we live, the facts, numbers and lives of women effected by family violence, were brought to attention.
 The special guests, Ms.Fatbardha Hoxhalli, Executive Director of National Centre of Victims of Violence Treatment and Ms. Nermin Aga Fiku, sociologist,conveyed information and opinions regarding the prevention and consequences of this social phenomenon.
 Ms. Aga was the first to start up with a presentation on the effects of family violence in the socio-psychological and economical perspective. Apart from statistics, she also showed her attitude against the violence where she stressed the right education of future generations as the most effective preventive way. Moreover, she mentioned several times the right support we should give to these women, to report every single case and to offer as much help as we can.
Whereas, Ms.Hoxhalli was mostly focused on the administrative and legislative issues.  She showed the steps that the government undertakes to support violated women, to offer them shelter 
and to help them live an independent life.    
The seminar was very interactive. The audience was free to give opinions and new ideas on how to improve the situation.
Ms.Irma Gjana, the executive director of New Horizons Cultural Center (NHCC), concluded with the aim of their initiative and the assurance to achieve something tangible, like the creation of a strategic plan where governmental institutions, the NHCC and the society work together with the purpose of reducing this social situation that kills lives. Additionally, she invited the present ones to take part in such initiatives to extend a hand, because somehow we are all negatively affected by this wound. 
At the end, Ms. Gjana, distributed the certificates to the ones who supported and contributed in the above-mentioned activities.


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